Holly Simon

Paleontologist and Author

My name is Holly Simon I'm a paleontologist and business owner. My goal is to create paleontology merchandise, mostly Permian inspired to help educate people in paleontology through art.

Keep Staying Curious!

Bio: I have been employed with the Whiteside Museum of Natural History since 2016. I started as the Live Animal Curator, where I was in charge of caring for live reptiles and amphibians in the museum's zoozeum. In 2019, I was promoted to Assistant Director. I'm now in charge of the museum's marketing, and exhibit design, and help with the Permian research.

I'm an active member of the paleontological dig crew and have discovered numerous complete Dimetrodon skeletons, as well as the most elusive of the Permian animals, Seymouria.

I have spent many years collecting fossils from the badlands of Wyoming, from the Oligocene and Eocene periods. I have also been conducting fossil-hunting expeditions in the Cretaceous Mesa Verde Formation in Wyoming. It is my mission to inspire the next generation of paleontologists, especially young women.

In 2023 I published my first book "I Came Before the Dinosaurs!" a children's book about the famous Lower Permian fossils. I then started my online store were I can bring the Permian animals to life in art form.

Link to my publications: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Holly-Simon-3/research

Keep updated with our research at https://www.wmnh.org/